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Our story starts way back, 2018 when we chose to take a stand against the systemic racial bias against black women in Greater Manchester.

The Mamas and I are here to help and support our sisters to manoeuvre a very difficult and hostile system to enable them to be productive, contribute and thrive in their lives as well as give back to the community in which they live and call home.

Rose Ssali Director & Founder

Mama Health & Poverty Partnership (MHaPP) CIC- No 13857497 was founded in 2018 and is a collective of 10 independent organisations working with other associate Black African women led organisations working in Greater Manchester and outskirts. We do deep community organising at the intersection of gender, racial and economic justice for Black African women and girls living in the UK. We work tirelessly to ensure these women and girls who have lived experiences of marginalisation and oppression feel part of a community.

Our shared purpose is to create the conditions for Black African women and girls to experience a more equitable and just life. As part of our community organising, we also design and deliver culturally sensitive, people-centred, inclusive, and accessible specialist services.

Below is a list of the organisations and our specialist areas which make up MHaPP. Any female who comes into contact with any one of the Mamas, will have access to all of the other Mamas. This means the relevant support they need to understand and navigate the UK’s social and health care system.

And whilst providing supportive and vital services is crucial, any woman and girl who connects with MHaPP are welcomed into a community with friendship, love, and collective healing at its heart. These qualities are where long-term systemic change emerges and, most importantly, takes root.

Mama Health and Poverty Partnership has a Core Steering Group Which Meets Once a Month

Rose Ssali (Founder/Director & Business Lead)
Founder of SAWN

I am the founder of SAWN and passionate about women and families having a voice in issues concerning them and their future. I hold a Master’s Degree in English and a postgraduate Certificate from Manchester Metropolitan University in Asset Based Community Approaches (working with people) and an Undergraduate in Social Sciences. I also hold an ILM Award in Leadership and Management.

I have training in Strengthening Families, Strengthening Communities (SFSC) and a counseling certificate, and various related trainings. I have been working within the African communities in Greater Manchester for 15 years. My roles include advocacy, advice, training and one-to-one support in various issues affecting the African community like Immigration, FGM, Domestic Violence, Parenting, Money Matters and other issues. Lets Connect. 

Julie Boma (Secretary)

Founder OBADO

Juliet Boma is a founding member of OBADO- Older Black Africans Day Opportunities. A social worker and registered nurse with at least 15 years of experience of working with the elderly. From my experience a lot of older Africans have a number of barriers preventing them from accessing mainstream services. Some of these barriers are language and cultural barriers, lack of knowledge, etc. OBADO’s main aim is to empower these older black Africans in Greater Manchester by promoting social inclusion and eliminating isolation and loneliness.

Barbara H Nambuya (Treasurer)

Founder Prosper Life Initiatives

Barbara is MaMa’s Money Matters Lead and Finance Officer. Barbara worked for several years within the Microfinance Industry and has done a lot of outreach work with women’s community groups. She is also a qualified teacher, accountant, and Certified Internal Auditor. She is very passionate about her role supporting women & communities thrive

Folashade Alonge (Welfare/Safeguarding)

Founder of DeButterfly CIC

An experienced/ qualified Psychotherapist/Counsellor with a master’s degree in counseling and psychotherapy with over 15 years of experience in the public and private sectors including the healthcare sector and the voluntary sector.

A core member of the Elephant Trail Project, influencing wider impact and system change in Greater Manchester for people suffering from multiple disadvantages, and member of various BAME boards within Greater Manchester and Cheshire East, Northwest, England. She is passionate about educating and supporting victims and survivors of FGM. 

As a seasoned facilitator, she runs stress management workshops, executive support programs, and many more to enlighten and support individuals and corporate bodies.

Ehinor Otaigbe-Amedu (Publicity)

Founder of Wonderfully Made Woman

A Lawyer by profession, Ehinor is the founder and CEO of Wonderfully made Woman and Ehinor Otaigbe foundation Nigeria. The Charity provides holistic support for women and girls, helping them build their confidence, so they can thrive.  Ehinor worked with British gas, and later worked at Department for works and pension (DWP).In her voluntary capacity she was the head of Women Affairs Nigeria Community Manchester (NCM), now presently the head of Family Affairs Edo Diaspora UK.

She has a Diploma in counselling and care and a diploma in cognitive behavioural therapy. She is an inspirational speaker, a Self Esteem Mentor, An Entrepreneur, Domestic Abuse Trainer, and Women & Girls Advocate.

Eunice Ngure CEO USSAFF
Eunice Ngure (Welfare/Education)

Founder USSAFF

Unity School Support for African Families (USSAF) – focusing on educational support based in Oldham.

Unity School Support for African Families mentors African parents about the UK school curriculum and supporting children with school work. 

Tendayi Madzunzu ZIWO CEO
Tendayi Madzunzu (Research Lead)

Founder ZIWO

Zimbabwean Women Organisation – ZIWO supports Zimbabwean women based in Manchester. ZIWO is for Zimbabweans living in Greater Manchester and supports Zimbabweans in all areas of life

Ruth Ogunji (Publicity)

Founder Blossom Foundation

Blossom Foundation focuses on activities for teenagers and young girls, based in Miles Platting, Greater Manchester. Blossom aims to Educate Inspire and Empower Black Minoritised African girls through the transitional stages to becoming a woman.

Nicky Ignla (Events)

Founder Caring and Sharing

Caring and Sharing – focuses on community cohesion for families, based in the Rochdale Borough of Greater Manchester. They promote Equality and Diversity by befriending women, youth, and the elderly in the community, and help make a positive difference in their lives.

Memory Nyahunzwi (Chair)

Founder Olive Pathway

Memory Nyahunzwi is the Founder and Chief Executive of Olive Pathway a charity based in Manchester, and an Expert by Experience having survived intimate-partner domestic violence. I am holder of BSc Hons in Criminology & Forensic Psychology, an LLM in International Human Rights Law (IHRL). I am also a Registered Mental Health Nurse (RMN), qualified in 2008 and have acquired vast knowledge and expertise having worked in various mental health settings: forensic medium-secure hospitals, acute wards, step-down units, short and long-term rehabilitation units, deaf service, in various capacities, with different service-users cohorts diagnosed with different mental health disorders. Olive Pathway a partner member to MHAPP; provides Specialist Support Services, person-centred to victims and survivors of domestic abuse within BAME communities; referred through MHAPP referral pathway, social services, GP surgeries and from faith communities.

Our services include assessment, advocacy, outreach support, emotional support, one to one specialist sessions, immigration and court appearance support, sign-posting, empowerment and awareness training. I have a great passion for Human Rights, Diversity, Equality and Social and Economic Justice and I believe everyone is entitled to the fundamental human rights regardless of their age, gender, race, ethnicity, sexuality, marital status, culture, disability.

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