Our Achievements
Our Journey started 2018 and this is what we have done together so far.

1. Brought together 10 women’s organisations, run by black African women that tackle issues at the core of health and general well-being of Black women in Greater Manchester. We have a collective of 30+ years working with women on a one-to-one level, community engagement, and tried and tested approaches as a basis to empower and support more women and their families to engage with services. MHAPP complements mainstream services by breaking down the barriers and misconceptions that Black and African women have about mainstream services, by raising awareness, increasing understanding, and creating a rapport with women that will ease and support their access to services and thus increase their usage of these services.

2. We have worked on issues that have caused deep-seated trauma to women, such as immigration, housing, language barriers, parenting, family separation, deportation, harmful cultural practices, lack of legal representation and often facing the shock of adaptation to the new environment which is usually hostile economically, physically and socially.

3. Worked with approximately over 2000 women across the partnership who are often marginalised, underrepresented, and excluded from mainstream services.

4. MHAPP developed the Pathway & Assessment Tool to Support the Black woman’s journey for their health, financial and emotional well-being (Internal)

5. Representation on different networks for Black African women & girls voices are heard e.g., GMBAME Leaders Network, Race and equality, DV Forum, Equality, Women and Girls. etc

6. Collective responsive effort during the COVID-19 which enables women to access help promptly including food, financial grants, and other support reaching over 1,500 women.

7. Working with GMCA. I.e., Press release and statement with the Mayor of Greater Manchester, Re: DV Policy work

8. Support to access pots of funding individually or jointly worth £600,000 over the last 2 years.

9. Six mama hubs across Greater Manchester that receive an average of 5 referrals a week from the community, statutory, and commissioned services.

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A warm welcome to you visiting our digital hub to learn more about Mama Health and Poverty Partnership. I hope it will be of use to you, a sister, a friend, or Black African woman you know or support in some way.

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