Zimbabwean Women Organisation - ZIWO

Focusing on Zimbabwean women’s issues and social justice based in Manchester

Zimbabwean Women Organisation – ZIWO

What We Do – ZIWO Mission

ZIWO is a specialist organisation promoting the advancement of education, culture, heritage and, human rights of Zimbabweans, living in Manchester and Greater Manchester

Our Objectives:

  • To promote the development of Zimbabwean children, young people, and adults’ educational capabilities and competencies essential for realising full potential
  • To promote the advancement of Zimbabwe’s arts, culture, and heritage
  • To raise awareness of human rights and promote equality and diversity by the elimination of all forms of discrimination


• Homework club support
• Advice, advocacy, campaign and, awareness training workshops
• Strengthening Zimbabwean culture and heritage activities
• Raising awareness of human rights for women in eliminating all forms of discrimination
• Research and Participation

Current Activities:

• Food Bank
• Online women’s forum
• Social support and informal advice.
• Referrals
• Project: ‘It takes a village to raise a child’ Engaging Education, Police & Social Services